Clinicity is a start-up based in Siliguri, West Bengal that builds complete healthcare facilities across Pan India. Since our inception on 16th July 2018, we have partnered with 20+ hospitals and clinics and have helped doctors and investors in the healthcare sector build efficient facilities. With unparalleled guidance for cost reduction and improved service quality, we help you make your healthcare dream a reality.

With the launch of an aggregator platform, Clinicity aims to provide complete solutions to all the problems that a person has to face while building a hospital/clinic. Clinicity does not just lower the price of certain equipment or materials, but also provides the best alternatives for better decision making. Clinicity is the one and only company in India that provides ‘complete solutions for building a hospital or a clinic’ and guides you towards sustainability & growth.

Our Vision

To create top-notch, efficient, and affordable healthcare facilities across the world and become a symbol of trust for fulfilling the healthcare dream.

Our Values

Valuable virtues are what’s missing in most firms these days, but at Clinicity, this has been at our core. We always aim to create a win-win situation for both doctors and patients by lowering the cost budget and improving service delivery. Also drafting affordable healthcare packages for the underprivileged and serving the general population.

Meet the Visionaries

Shashi Bhushan
Founder & CEO
" Shashi Bhushan is an Alumni of Madras Christian College and after working in the healthcare sector for a couple of years, he decided to take on the journey of entrepreneurship. He embodies the philosophy of “Karmanye Vadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kadachana” which means “You have every right to work but not expecting fruits out of it. Do not focus on the fruits of your action and never be inactive.” He solely believes in helping his clients grow and always deliver more than they expect and in his free time he likes to read books and listen to some 90s music."
Somraj Saha
Digital Media & Branding Head
" Somraj Saha is a Psychology, Marketing & a Biology enthusiast with a creative mind. Often found lurking around somewhere with a laptop like a geek, he enjoys learning and loves reading philosophy in his free time, accompanied with some mysterious music. Somraj has worked in the healthcare sector for a couple of years, as well as contributed to some projects of Young Indians (Siliguri Chapter) & Lions Club International (Dist. 322F). He is a ‘Jugaad Innovator’ and always likes creating something new and valuable for his clients as well as for Clinicity."